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Laboratory of Bioinorganic Immunology & Drug Discovery

We are a dynamic and multinational team working in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at King's College London



Our multidisciplinary research crosses the boundaries of bioinorganic chemistry and immunology/virology. We use a combination of molecular biology and cell biological methods, biophysical techniques, biochemical assays, and computational biochemistry. 

The research in our group is broadly divided into two themes: (i) Protein engineering to design and develop new therapeutics and (ii) Elucidating the function of iron-sulfur clusters, one of the oldest bioinorganic cofactors of life, at the crossroads of the immune response and cancer.

Latest Publications

Ancient complexes of iron and sulfur modulate oncogenes and oncometabolism

Graphical Abstract_edited.jpg

Inorganic complexes of iron and sulfur, that is, iron-sulfur [FeS] clusters, have played a fundamental role in life on Earth since the prebiotic period. We discuss how three [FeS] proteins involved in the innate immune response play a role in oncogene expression/function and oncometabolism. 

FEBS Letters - 2020 -  - Front Cover.jpg
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