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Research & Initiatives

We are passionate to understand rules of life and use the knowledge to develop new medicines for human diseases like viral infections and cancer

Our team applies a multidisciplinary approach to engineer proteins for therapeutic purposes and shed insight into the function of iron-sulfur proteins at the crossroads of the immune response and cancer. 

Protein engineering to design and develop therapeutics. We have developed a novel technology to control the self-assembly of protein nanocages like ferritin. We are using this technology to develop drug delivery systems and multifunctional therapeutics. Current projects in the lab are focused on the design and development of multifunctional antivirals and cancer immunotherapeutics. 


Iron-sulfur protein at the crossroads of immune response and cancer. Our group pioneered investigating the role of iron-sulfur ([FeS]) cluster-containing proteins in the immune response using induced pluripotent stem cells. We coined the term bioinorganic immunology to describe an emerging field focusing on studies of metalloenzymes and, specifically, [FeS] protein in the immune response. Current projects in the lab focuses on understanding the role of the clusters under inflammatory conditions and pathways leading to activation of multiple [FeS] proteins.

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